My children's book Shining Scars made it's public debut in New York at the BookExpo America in 2012.

It was a surreal moment signing my book alongside NY Times Bestselling authors, and I couldn't have been there without my publisher Headline Books. I was so excited for this opportunity to promote my organization, and my inspiring little star, Eugene, with so many people from around the world.

Shining Scars received a Silver Mom's Choice Award for healing and well being. What an honor to receive this recognition from a trusted global network. 

Shining Scars, book was the start of my healing campaign, to help all children love themselves and others from the inside out. Our differences, no matter what they are should never be judged or held against us. With bullying at a record high, it's time we teach the importance of valuing ourselves and others based on our character and learn self acceptance. I hope you will click to donate a copy to one of the countless organizations Shining S.C.A.R.S. supports.

Keep Shining BRIGHT with Shining Scars!