When I was asked to share my story for Jenny Cutler Lopez, I jumped at the opportunity to share my personal experience. Understanding that I would be one of many who had overcome their scars and stigmas. There is something about belonging to a special group that is sometimes hidden amoung us. Most people I know with scars take care in concealing them. While the majority of the community will casually glance or try to stare without being noticed, there are still those that are truly uncomfortable in seeing visible scars. It's almost as if they think we are still in that moment of pain or hurt.  Jenny has captured our stories, and shared our pictures to prove that we are more than our scars. After reading this book, I am completely humbled by the stories shared here. My journey to advocate for children and teens with visible scars is just beginning. I hope there will be more authors and writers that will share scars in a positive light. Scars are strength, and they will always Shine Bright!