Team Brantly's page was made to share a brave little boy's life and ornery little grin! Brantly was born with spina bifida and he defeats it daily!

To show the world it is a-ok to be different, we all are different in our own ways! 
We want to teach one kid not to be ashamed of things they can't change, to take pride in who they are. To be a ray of hope to one very scared family who may be welcoming a child diagnosed with a disability, we have been in those frightening shoes and wish we would have had a look into what life could be like. To change the mind of one mom-to-be who has received news that the doctors tell them their baby will have no 'quality of life' as we have heard before... we were told we had an opportunity to abort.. really?!?! Look at the joy we would have missed out on!
We don't want people to be frightened when they see the most adorable toddler ever, rolling down the hall in the mall... you can't catch spina bifida!!! 

I could go on and on for days... this picture says it best, NoH8! Show the world there is no need to hate! (Thank you, Michele Coleman Photography for this amazing image). 
We will do our best to educate and answer any questions you might have!!